At times it happens that when we are busy navigating our spiritual journey we can get caught up in making it all about ourselves and the challenges that we face on the path. Parenting can be a jarring reminder that the world does not revolve around us and our problems because oftentimes it forces you to put aside your challenges and to focus on another human being.

Yet the idea of spirituality in parenting is something that is very rarely spoken about. Very often speaking about the spirit of a child, and how it relates to the parent, only comes up within the context of a child who has passed on either from a miscarriage or a terminated pregnancy.

The reality is that our children, whether those living or in spirit, are also on their spiritual journey. I wanted to understand how parenting and spirituality impact each other in relation to us as parents and our children.

I spoke to Gogo Simenjalo and we had a profoundly personal conversation about parenting across different dimensions and our eternal bond to the spirits which we help to bring into this world and the next.

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