The nature of African spirituality is such that it involves not just the acknowledgment of the existence of the spiritual realm but also the existence of amadlozi and spiritual forces and the individualized encounters that we have with them in our daily lives.

What is strange though is that as African spirituality continues to grow and more and more people adopt it as a belief system when it comes to the workplace, it seems as though it doesn’t even exist.

Speaking about things like amadlozi in corporate spaces is definitely an awkward topic. It is treated with extreme suspicion and doubt. It invokes a deep sense of mistrust between colleagues to the point where the working environment can become impossible to navigate and some people end up quitting or are forced to leave.

To try to understand this topic I’ve decided to speak to a few people who are currently working in or have worked in corporate spaces in different capacities to hear what their insights are.

So I spoke to is umamMpho Sadiki who is an author, a qualified clinical nurse, an indigenous healing practitioner, and an executive coach with 25yrs experience in the corporate space. I also spoke to Refiloe Letuma, who works in IT and has recently become a sangoma while balancing the demands of a 9-5.

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