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So, here you are. You have developed an interest in African Spirituality or something in you is pulling you towards that direction. You have a basic understanding of ancestors and you are aware that they play a role in your life even though you are not entirely sure what that role is and you find yourself asking “what now?”. What’s the next step? How do I go from here to a point where I can say I am a person who practices African Spirituality?

Personally, I have always found myself struggling with the information that I read or see online and how to structure it into something that is not confusing. So I thought maybe it can help if you and I can get guidance from Healers in terms of how to go about creating a structure for practicing African Spirituality in our own lives.

I’ve put together this short series that focuses on Practicing African Spirituality for Beginners.

In this first part of the series, we’re going to be looking into Understanding Your Ancestral Lineage.

To take us through this I contacted Gogo Mahlodi who will help to break down Who are your ancestors, what is their role in your life and how do you actually get to know them and develop a relationship with them.
An amazing human being who is all about Throwing bones and banishing demons, Vuyiswa Xekatwane, also known as Gogo Mahlodi, is a writer, healer, and diviner based in Joburg. She is deeply intentional about healing, deeply devoted to the alchemic genius of blackness.

Please keep an eye on her socials to get updates on her upcoming workshop

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