We as black South Africans, are very keenly aware that our culture is slowly disappearing. Yet, at the same time, there has been a resurgence of interest in African Spirituality. The number of people who are becoming iisangoma has exploded and every other month there seems to be a new TV show that talks about ubungoma.

My question is, so what?

So what that everyone knows someone who has gone ephehlweni? Or that there is indumba on nearly every street?

What will all of that do for us as a people? Will help with the surging rate of unemployment? Will it reduce the high number of school dropouts? Will it reduce the number of black women and young girls who are abused, raped and whose dead bodies litter shallow graves on the outskirts of our collective psyche?

What will the death of our culture mean? Is our culture even relevant in any shape or form?

To try to unpack these complex issues I went to speak to Prof Pitika Ntuli.
He is a sculptor, poet, writer, and academic and he is also a Healer and an expert in African indigenous knowledge systems.

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